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Construction law litigation is a multifaceted area of legal practice that addresses disputes arising from construction projects. Whether it’s a disagreement over project specifications, delays, payment issues, defects, or any other construction-related matter, litigation is often the last resort for parties unable to resolve their differences through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods. If you are in need of a construction law attorney in Beaufort County, South Carolina then you need to contact Schwarz Law at (843) 342-2751.

Types of Construction Law Litigation:

  • Breach of Contract: One of the most prevalent issues in construction law litigation is the breach of contract. Parties may allege that the contract terms were not honored regarding scope, timelines, quality, or payment. Breach of contract claims can encompass a wide range of disputes, from a failure to deliver materials on time to not adhering to design specifications.
  • Construction Defects: Claims related to construction defects involve alleging that the completed work does not meet the agreed-upon quality standards or building codes, leading to issues such as structural problems, water infiltration, or safety hazards. Defects can encompass various aspects of construction, including faulty foundations, electrical wiring, plumbing, or roofing.
  • Payment Disputes: Disagreements over payment can lead to disputes between contractors, subcontractors, owners, and suppliers. Non-payment or delayed payment often requires legal intervention. Payment disputes can be further categorized into issues related to progress payments, final payments, or disputes over the validity of change orders and extra work.
  • Mechanic’s Liens: When contractors or subcontractors are not paid for their work, they may file mechanic’s liens against the property to secure their claims. Mechanic’s lien disputes can be complex, involving issues related to lien validity, priority, or foreclosure.
  • Delay Claims: Delays in construction can result in substantial financial losses. Parties may litigate over responsibility for delays and seek compensation. Delay claims often revolve around issues such as project scheduling, weather-related delays, or unforeseen site conditions.
  • Design Errors and Omissions: Architects and engineers may face litigation when design flaws or omissions lead to construction issues or delays. These disputes may involve allegations of professional negligence and require expert testimony to determine liability.
  • Change Orders and Scope: Disagreements over changes to the project scope, additional work, or extra costs can lead to litigation. These disputes often center on whether the changes were authorized, their impact on the project timeline and budget, and who bears the responsibility for the additional costs.
  • Environmental Compliance: Construction projects often need to comply with environmental regulations. Litigation in this area can involve claims related to environmental contamination, permit violations, or disputes over compliance with environmental impact assessments.

Construction law litigation encompasses a wide array of disputes that can arise throughout the construction process. Parties involved in construction projects must be aware of these various types of disputes and be prepared to address them effectively when they arise. Understanding the common issues associated with different types of construction law litigation is essential for navigating this complex legal terrain successfully.

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